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Jura Procesret suppl.

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On Justification (Bog, paperback)

Presents a foundational work of post-Bourdieu sociology that examines a range of situations where people justify their actions. This book argues that justifications fall into six main logics exemplifi…

Levering: 2-4 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 599,95
Din pris:kr. 377,49

Du sparer:DKK 222,46 (37%)

Conceptual Foundations of Occupational Therapy, 4th Edition (Bog, hardback)

Traces the historical development of the foundations of modern occupational therapy theory; examines its status; and, looks to its future. This title compares and contrasts eight well-known models, us…

Levering: 2-4 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 929,95
Din pris:kr. 664,93

Du sparer:DKK 265,02 (29%)

Theories of the Policy Process (Bog, paperback)

Intended for students of public administration who are seeking to understand the policy process, this volume provides a forum for the proponents of several of the theoretical frameworks to present the…

Levering: Kan desværre ikke skaffes
Normalpris:kr. 399,95
Din pris:kr. 302,55

Du sparer:DKK 97,40 (24%)

The Social Construction of Reality (Bog, paperback)

Offers an account of the role of knowledge in society aimed to stimulate both discussion and investigations. This book presents an analysis of knowledge in everyday life in the context of a theory of …

Levering: 1-2 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 139,95
Din pris:kr. 98,39

Du sparer:DKK 41,56 (30%)

Small Places, Large Issues (Bog, paperback)

An introduction to social and cultural anthropology, ranging from the Pacific islands to the Arctic north. The text focuses on topics such as kinship, ethnicity, ritual and political systems. The book…

Levering: Kan desværre ikke skaffes
Din pris:kr. 219,95

Development Economics (Bog, hardback)

Suitable for policy-makers, who increasingly find themselves dealing with complex issues of growth, inequality, poverty, and social welfare, this book presents a synthesis of recent and older literatu…

Levering: 2-4 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 579,95
Din pris:kr. 377,90

Du sparer:DKK 202,05 (35%)

Levering: 3-6 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 619,95
Din pris:kr. 437,67

Du sparer:DKK 182,28 (29%)

Cost & Effect (Bog, hardback)

Two of the most innovative thinkers in the area of financial management have written a work that could stand for many years as the single best resource for understanding and applying activity-based co…

Levering: 3-6 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 429,95
Din pris:kr. 268,14

Du sparer:DKK 161,81 (38%)

Fundamentals of Biomechanics (Bog, hardback)

Providing the quantitative perspective, this book integrates the classic field of mechanics to the properties of living systems, using examples from biology and medicine, and featuring clear illustrat…

Levering: Kan desværre ikke skaffes
Normalpris:kr. 869,95
Din pris:kr. 591,67

Du sparer:DKK 278,28 (32%)

Physics of the Life Sciences (Bog, hardback)

In both experimental techniques and basic understanding of process and function, physics is integral to most areas of modern life science. This text, filled with beautiful photographs and illustration…

Levering: 2-4 uger
Normalpris:kr. 719,95
Din pris:kr. 508,76

Du sparer:DKK 211,19 (29%)

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