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Jura Procesret suppl.

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Rethinking Ethnicity (Bog, paperback)

Suitable for students of ethnicity and ethnic relations, this book draws on specific examples to demonstrate the social mechanisms that construct ethnicity and the consequences for people's experience…

Levering: 5-8 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 389,95
Din pris:kr. 286,03

Du sparer:DKK 103,92 (27%)

Levering: 3-6 hverdage
Din pris:kr. 169,95

Levering: 6-9 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 739,95
Din pris:kr. 551,28

Du sparer:DKK 188,67 (26%)

Health and Modernity: The Role of Theory in Health Promotion (Bog, hardback)

Pandemics, substance abuse, natural disasters, obesity, and warfare: these are not only health crises but social crises as well. Now a panel of leaders in global health explores the vital but understu…

Levering: 1-2 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 1.039,95
Din pris:kr. 773,30

Du sparer:DKK 266,65 (26%)

Physics of the Life Sciences (Bog, hardback)

In both experimental techniques and basic understanding of process and function, physics is integral to most areas of modern life science. This text, filled with beautiful photographs and illustration…

Levering: 2-4 uger
Normalpris:kr. 719,95
Din pris:kr. 521,92

Du sparer:DKK 198,03 (28%)

Engineering Mechanics (Bog, hardback)

This is the first of two volumes introducing structural and continuum mechanics in a comprehensive and consistent way. An important aspect of this book is the straightforward and consistent sign conve…

Levering: 5-10 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 649,95
Din pris:kr. 469,05

Du sparer:DKK 180,90 (28%)

What is Anthropology? (Bog, paperback)

Perfect for students and those who have never encountered anthropology before, explores the key issues in an exciting and innovative way.

Levering: 5-9 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 219,95
Din pris:kr. 193,05

Du sparer:DKK 26,90 (12%)

Levering: 3-6 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 649,95
Din pris:kr. 414,25

Du sparer:DKK 235,70 (36%)

The Social Construction of Reality (Bog, paperback)

Offers an account of the role of knowledge in society aimed to stimulate both discussion and investigations. This book presents an analysis of knowledge in everyday life in the context of a theory of …

Levering: 1-2 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 139,95
Din pris:kr. 126,18

Du sparer:DKK 13,77 (10%)

Development Economics (Bog, hardback)

Suitable for policy-makers, who increasingly find themselves dealing with complex issues of growth, inequality, poverty, and social welfare, this book presents a synthesis of recent and older literatu…

Levering: 2-5 hverdage
Normalpris:kr. 599,95
Din pris:kr. 423,90

Du sparer:DKK 176,05 (29%)

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