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Engelske havebøger

Engelske havebøger giver nye ideer til havens indretning.
Få inspiration, indretningsforslag og beskrivelser af planter for haveejere, som ønsker en smuk og nem have at passe.

Roses In Modern Gardens (Bog, hardback)

Split into thematic chapters, this title looks at how one of the world's most popular flowers is being used by many of today's most innovative garden designers. Included is an A-Z directory of the ros…

Levering: Kan desværre ikke skaffes
Din pris:kr. 299,95

Garden Design Made Easy (Bog, paperback)

A guide to the garden design process, covering over 100 garden designs. It covers: how to assess what you want and need; assessing your site - its soil type, aspect and climate; preparing a budget; in…

Levering: Kan desværre ikke skaffes
Din pris:kr. 179,95

Easy-care Gardening Expert (Bog, paperback)

This is an easy-to-follow guide that takes the hard work out of gardening. It contains short cuts, tips and secrets which are designed to cut the time spent in the garden by half. By the author of "Th…

Levering: Kan desværre ikke skaffes
Din pris:kr. 94,95

Din personlige bogassistent

Han følger dig rundt og finder nye anbefalinger, baseret på de bøger du kigger på.

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