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Inventor's Clone


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Inventor's Clone
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Suspense and panic mount when the Purists kidnap the entire population of children and keepers from The Darling Undesirables Facility at The Gulf. This dire news comes on the heels of equally terrible news that Father Inventor's clone made clonesand these clones have been reproducing.With a report of over one-thousand programmed-for-evil clones of the brilliant and kind Father Inventor, Jackson leaves the little moon, Pink, flying to Earth to undertake the clone calamity. Heart soon follows, with a single-minded determination to find and rescue the abducted Darlings.Meanwhile, Peter has saved the children from several Darling Undesirable Facilities, bringing them aboard the the flying, city-sized, Gargantua.Heart refuses to relinquish her belief in The Cause of All Beings. Surly they will prevail! And though she and Jackson continue to spar over everything, they prove to be an unbeatable force when the Purists initiate battle.But will Heart's greatest desire ever come to pass? Will The Darling Undesirables ever have a real home of their own, with freedom for all? And, last ... but not least, will Heart and Jacksonfor all their brilliance!ever discover that the shortest distance between two points is ... LOVE?

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    E-bog, ePub
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