International Perspectives in Values-Based Mental Health Practice : Case Studies and Commentaries

International Perspectives in Values-Based Mental Health Practice : Case Studies and Commentaries
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1 Surprised by Values: an Introduction to Values-based Practice and the Use of Personal Narratives in this Book


2 Migration Narratives: an introduction to Part I, Exemplars

3 Antonella - "A Stranger in the Family": a case study of eating disorders across cultures

4 The role of culture, values and trauma in shaping abnormal bodily experience in migrants

5 Premorbid personality and expatriation as possible risk factors for brief psychotic disorder: A case report from post-Soviet Bulgaria


6 Theory First: an introduction to Part II, Theory

7 The Will to Beauty as a Therapeutic Agent: aesthetic values in the treatment of addictive disorders

8 Anorexia as Religion: Ocularcentrism as a cultural value and a compensation strategy in persons with Feeding and Eating Disorders

9 Ethos, embodiment, psychosis: Losing one's home - identity stakes

10 African Personhood, Humanism, and Critical Sankofaism: The Case of Male Suicide in Ghana

11 Madness, Mythopoetry and Medicine

12 Inside and out: how Western patriarchal cultural contexts shape women's relationships with their bodies

13 Spiritual, religious and ethical values in a suicidal individual

14 Cultural values, religion and psychosis: five short stories


15 Vectors for best practice: an introduction to Part III, Practice

16 Cross-cultural factors and identity in adolescence

17 Multidisciplinary Teamwork and the Insanity Defence: a Case of Infanticide in Iraq

18 Colonial values and asylum care in Brazil: reclaiming the streets through carnival in Rio de Janeiro

19 Alcohol Use Disorder in a Culture that Normalizes the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages: The Conflicts for Decision-Making

20 Living at the edge of Compromise: Balkan pluralism as a resource for balanced decision-making

21 "Thinking too much": A clash of legitimate values in clinical practice calls for an indaba guided by African values based practice

22 Three points in time: how values and culture affected my life, madness and the people around me

23 Recovery and cultural values: on our own terms (a dialogue)


24 Linking Science with People: an introduction to Part IV, Science

25 A Cross-Cultural Values-based Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dissociative (Conversion) Disorders

26 Treatment of social anxiety disorder or neuroenhancement of socially accepted modesty? The case of Ms. Suzuki

27 Non-Traditional Religion, Hyper-religiosity and Psychopathology: the Story of Ivan from Bulgaria

28 Journey into Genes: cultural values and the (near) future of genetic counselling in mental health

29 Policy-making indabas to prevent "not listening": An added recommendation from the Life Esidimeni tragedy

30 Covert Treatment in a cross-cultural setting

31 Discouragement towards Seeking Health Care of Older People in Rural China: The influence of culture and structural constraints

32 Discovering myself, a journey of rediscovery


33 Training for Task: an introduction to Part V, Training

34 Values-based Practice when engaging with voice-hearers

35 Dharma Therapy: a Buddhist counselling approach to acknowledging and enhancing perspectives, attitudes and values

36 Dangerous Liaisons: Science, Tradition, and Qur'anic Healing in the Dakhla Oasis of Egypt

37 Know thyself: Jane discovers the value of her depression

38 Case studies in the culture of Professional Football Players and Mental Welfare and Wellbeing

39 Sexual Orientation Change Efforts and VBP

40 Values, Meanings, Hermeneutics and Mental Health

41 Disha: Building Bridges-Removing Barriers: Where Excluded and Privileged Young Adults Meet

42 Online Counselling: the world without

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