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- How to Boost Your Creativity, Anticipate Trends and Build a Successful Business


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  1. Beskrivelse

    When people think about creative people, the kind of persons who usually come to mind are artists, musicians, performers, stage and screen actors, writers, and other people who have a huge sense of whimsy. What would you think if I told you that there are also a lot of people in the corporate world? Would you believe me? It is a common misconception that the world of business is cold and calculated; there is no space in the boardroom for any kind of creative thinking, and this is false. In fact, companies would not even thrive, let alone grow, if not for the creative thinking of those who run them. If the CEOs of major corporations don't have a creative bone in their bodies then we would not be enjoying all of the perks of modern living. This book is for business owners like you, who are currently suffering from a lack of ideas. Yes, your small company may seem like it's doing okay, but your profits have not seen an ample amount of growth since the first year of going into business. The following chapters will teach you how you can tap into your creativity so you can steer your business in the right direction. You will also learn how you can use your newfound creativity to foresee business trends so your company will always be ahead of the competition, or at the very least be up there with them at the forefront. With a bit of whimsical thinking, willingness to experiment and some courage to follow through with your decisions, your company will start growing.

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