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Infrared Radiation


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Infrared Radiation
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Bog, hardback (kr. 589,95) (kr. 589,95)
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    1 black & white illustrations, biography

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    Bog, hardback
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      Optics is reborn. There is fresh new vitality in applying old techniques to new prob lems and fully exploring novel phenomena. Lasers, holography, stellar navigation, nonlinear phenomena, and remote sensing are subjects of the seventies, and their further development will increase our understanding of nature and the development of technology. This Series is devoted to provid- ing ideas and data to nourish the growth of these scientific and engineering en- deavors' for we feel strongly that science and engineering flourish best when they grow together. Some of the volumes in the Series will be devoted to the optical properties of materials, theories of the detailed mechanisms of absorption, reflection, and nonlinea r phenomena, and electro-optical coefficients. The understanding of such things leads to further engineering applications. Companions to such theoretical books will be compendia of property data; the triad is completed by monographs on the use of the materials in op- tical and electro-optical systems. Laser materials, lasers, and laser sys- tems form one of the groups which will comprise the full set of ready-reference material for the entire field.The Series will be intentionally international, including a fair sampling of Russian work. There are important benefits to be obtained in the alternate approaches often taken by our Soviet and other foreign colleagues (just as they can gain from studying ours).

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