In the Time of Trial

- Two Plays for Lent or Good Friday


In the Time of Trial
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    ""The Face Of Jesus" is a fresh and imaginative approach to understanding the limitless bounty of the love of Jesus. The scope of the play crosses boundaries of time and cultures to teach the universal need for that love."

    Irene Parsons, historian and novelist

    ""What shall we do with this man called Jesus?" Henry Scholberg delivers this challenge in a strong vehicle with humor to lighten the way as Pontius Pilate and Claudia come alive for us."

    Grace Wiggens, teacher and librarian

    Henry Scholberg offers two plays for Good Friday or anytime during Lent. "The Face Of Jesus" and "Pontius Pilate And The Dreams Of Claudia" tell the story of the last moments of Christ on earth.

    In "The Face Of Jesus" Christ confronts Barabbas at close quarters. We know, of course, that they never shared a cell. But, what if...? It offers parts for two men.

    "Pontius Pilate And The Dreams Of Claudia" looks at the story with the eyes of Pilate's wife. Pilate is having trouble remembering Jesus. But Claudia remembers well. She jogs Pilate's memory until he sees the blood on his own hands. It offers parts for three adults.

    Henry Scholberg, New Brighton, Minnesota, is an award-winning playwright and actor. Born in India to a Methodist missionary couple, he brings a global sense of fellowship and understanding to his writing. He has written and directed many religious plays for churches, community theater and television. This is his second CSS book.

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