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In My Absence

- What Happened to Charles Lee Emerson


In My Absence
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Bog, paperback (kr. 49,95) (kr. 59,66)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    IN MY ABSENCE WHAT HAPPENED TO CHARLES LEE EMERSON Well here it is... The Book you have all been waiting for... As the title says... It wouldn't be long and you will find yourself asking this question... The Lord said, "Charles, This world is not your home. You are just passing through. If Heaven were not your home... What would you do? Your angels are ready to bring you home to Heavens Golden Throne You are so Dear to Me... My heart... My heart cry's out for My Children... They wander as the Children in the wilderness did... They cry out to Me for those things that do not satisfy their Souls... Tell them... Tell them I Am Coming Soon... Give them the Bread of Life... If You don't... Then who will tell them? Feed My Flocks the Bread of Life... I have chosen You... From the foundation of the world... You are not Your own... You are Mine saith the Lord, Put no other gods before Me... I Am Your Source... I Am Your Provider... I have the Gift of Life Eternal... My Son died for You and for all mankind... Haven't I told You over and over that I will Provide Your every need? I will take You in and I will bring You out... I will supply Your every hearts desire if You will follow Me... Lean not on Your own understanding but in all Your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct Your paths... Be kind... Be true... Be patient... Be Mine and Mine alone, saith the Lord... I Love You with an Everlasting Love... Your Heavenly Father... I Am Your Friend " Of all our authors... Only one had asked me the question... "What do I do if you are not able to help me?" This little book should answer that question. It said on our website... We will help you with your first book and then we will show you how you too can do as many books as you want for FREE It also says on our website... If the author wants us to do more books for them, we are honored to help where we can. Many of you have had us publish all of your books... Thank You for your trust and prayers. This book has a two-part message, 1.What do I do when Charles Lee Emerson is no longer here to help me? 2.What happened to The Village Carpenter website?

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