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If Only Politicians Had Brains


If Only Politicians Had Brains
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    Hopefully you are old enough to remember'Yes Minister.'Does government really work like that? If it does, you really need a sense of humour to examine not only its workings but also its nonworkings. That is exactly what' If Only Politicians Had Brains' does , examine government workings with a sense of humour. Ten years ago BSE was going to destroy mankind (if mankind ate beef ). So far less than 150 people have died - over a twelve year period. 'If Only Politicians Had Brains 'takes an, often times , humorous look- with serious intents- at the politically manufactured creations designed to divert public attention away from the real issues. Why do so many people' fall for 'the smoke and mirrors trap that makes' Hustle ' the successful programme that it is?TerenceO?Halloran has a thirty (plus) year experience of dealing with government through British Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses at local and central government level . This is a chance to share his insight into the real ' smoke and mirror ' minds of a group of people that will do anything to prove that they, and only they ,know how they should run your life..

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