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Ian Leaf's Starting a HFC Business at Home


Ian Leaf's Starting a HFC Business at Home
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Bog, paperback (kr. 54,95) (kr. 64,95)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Ian Leaf, Switzerland Fashion Director, announces his guidebook for starting an HFC business. From Dublin, Ireland, Britain, United Kingdom and Switzerland, Leaf gives great advice based on his high fashion clothing experience. Ian Leaf's Starting an HFC Business at Home

    Table of Contents:

    HFC - High Fashion Clothing Funding Your Own Home Fashion Business What HFC Fads to Bank On How to Leaf Through the City's Red Tape Should the Government Tax Art and Fashion? How to Avoid HFC Scams - A General Primer Vivier Shoe Fraudsters - An Example

    The ideal book for the fashion entrepreneur looking to create the foundation for their HFC corporation by starting an at home business, "Ian Leaf's Starting a HFC Business at Home" outlines the principles and strategies necessary for creating a prominent HFC brand. With so many aspiring fashion experts looking to break into the industry without having to open an expensive storefront or deal with unnecessary overhead, Ian Leaf's unique perspective gives readers the information needed to break into the competitive HFC industry in a big way. Ian Leaf also credits friend Ian Andrews for his help on this book.

    With chapters dealing with the practical aspects of building a successful at-home business such as taxes and tax fraud along with chapters detailing how to recognize burgeoning HFC trends like scam and fraudsters, Leaf's book covers every possible angle when it comes to founding an HFC business from home. Readers will surely benefit from the information regarding the best methods for securing funding and dealing with government red tape, and the chapters detailing how to recognize fraudulent behavior and HFC scams are particularly important for readers who are relatively new to the HFC industry.

    As the founder of a wildly successful at-home HFC business, Ian Leaf is an excellent source of information and offers a simple and straightforward account regarding the process of building a popular brand from scratch. Leaf's account makes it clear that a career in the HFC industry is a great deal of fun, but also emphasizes that a commitment to consistently quality work is absolutely necessary to achieve any level of HFC success. Through the use of examples from his own career along with well-known HFC issues, Leaf is clearly committed to ensuring his readers are aware of all the potential pitfalls associated with what is often portrayed as a wholly glamorous industry.

    Leaf frequently attributes his exceptional career in the HFC industry to his work ethic and his desire to consistently pursue any opportunity in order to develop a new skillset relevant to his at-home business. In this book, it is abundantly clear that Leaf believes anyone is capable of achieving a similar level of success while starting an at-home business, and his advice reflects his confidence in every reader to bring their unique style and sensibility to an industry that thrives on constant innovation.

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