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I am the W(B)itch - A book for the modern intelligent girl


I am the W(B)itch - A book for the modern intelligent girl
E-bog, PDF (kr. 59,00) (kr. 59,00)
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E-bog, PDF
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  1. Beskrivelse

    All modern books written about self-development and self-help for

    modern women developed around one main idea: how to make you more

    beautiful, lovely, happy, and positive. In spite of the thousands of books

    written about positive thinking, right diets, fitness exercises the world

    around us is booming with female problems: physical (weight, health),

    mental (anger, sexual frustrations) and psychological (low self esteem,

    anorexia, unhappiness). Why is this? It happens because positive

    methods concentrate only on your positive side and does not respect your

    real nature, which is always dual. You know that you are both: angel and

    devil, sleeping beauty and bitch. Until you can be the perfect bitch and

    recognise these qualities inside you, you cannot become a little mermaid.

    Life made you a bitch. Your parents, school, and family – they all

    contributed to this task. How can you be a little mermaid in our modern,

    mad and man chauvinistic society? No way! You are as you are! Do not be

    ashamed of yourself!

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