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Bog, hardback Hypersexual City af Nicole Kalms

Hypersexual City

- The Provocation of Soft-Core Urbanism

(Bog, hardback)

34 black & white halftones, 23 black & white line drawings

34 black & white halftones, 23 black & white line drawings


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Forlagets beskrivelse
34 black & white halftones, 23 black & white line drawings
Bibliotekernes beskrivelse
Much of feminist architectural scholarship focuses on the enormous task of instating women's experience of space into spatial praxis. Hypersexual City: The Provocation of Soft-Core Urbanism suggests this attention to women's invisibility in socio-cultural space has overlooked the complex ways in which women already occupy space, albeit mostly as an image or object to be consumed, even purchased. Hypersexual City examines the occupation of urban space through the mediated representation of women's hypersexualized bodies. A complex transaction proliferates in the commercial urban space of cities and Hypersexual City seeks to address the cause and consequence of the increasing dominance of gendered representation. This book uses architectural case studies and analysis to make visible the sexual politics of architecture and urbanism and, in doing so, reveal the ways that heterosexist culture shapes the spaces, behaviour and relationships formed in neoliberal cities.Hypersexual City announces how examining urbanism that operates through, and is framed by, sexual culture can demonstrate that architecture does not merely find itself adrift in the hypersexualized landscape of contemporary cities, but is actively producing and contributing to the sexual regulation of urban life.

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