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Bog, paperback Hunter-Gatherers af Robert L. Bettinger

Hunter-Gatherers (Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology)

- Archaeological and Evolutionary Theory

(Bog, paperback)

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12 Tables, black and white; 25 Illustrations, black and white; XV, 304 p. 25 illus.

12 Tables, black and white; 25 Illustrations, black and white; XV, 304 p. 25 illus.


Softcover reprint of the original 2nd ed. 2015
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Forlagets beskrivelse
12 Tables, black and white; 25 Illustrations, black and white; XV, 304 p. 25 illus.
Bibliotekernes beskrivelse
Hunter-gatherer research has played a historically central role in the development of anthropological and evolutionary theory. Today, research in this traditional and enduringly vital field blurs lines of distinction between archaeology and ethnology, and seeks instead to develop perspectives and theories broadly applicable to anthropology and its many sub disciplines. In the groundbreaking first edition of Hunter-Gatherers: Archaeological and Evolutionary Theory (1991), Robert Bettinger presented an integrative perspective on hunter-gatherer research and advanced a theoretical approach compatible with both traditional anthropological and contemporary evolutionary theories.Hunter-Gatherers remains a well-respected and much-cited text, now over 20 years since initial publication. Yet, as in other vibrant fields of study, the last two decades have seen important empirical and theoretical advances. In this second edition of Hunter-Gatherers, co-authors Robert Bettinger, Raven Garvey, and Shannon Tushingham offer a revised and expanded version of the classic text, which includes a succinct and provocative critical synthesis of hunter-gatherer and evolutionary theory, from the Enlightenment to the present. New and expanded sections relate and react to recent developments-some of them the authors' own-particularly in the realms of optimal foraging and cultural transmission theories.An exceptionally informative and ambitious volume on cultural evolutionary theory, Hunter-Gatherers, second edition, is an essential addition to the libraries of anthropologists, archaeologists, and human ecologists alike.

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