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Html5 and Css3


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Html5 and Css3
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    Want to learn how to build Web sites fast? This best-selling guide’s visual format and step-by-step, task-based instructions will have you up and running with HTML5 and CSS3 in no time. This Seventh Edition is a major revision, with approximately 125 pages added and substantial updates to (or complete rewrites of) nearly every page from the preceding edition. Authors Elizabeth Castro and Bruce Hyslop use clear instructions, friendly prose, and real-world code samples to teach you HTML and CSS from the ground up. Over the course of 21 chapters you will learn how to:

    Write semantic HTML, both with elements that have been around for years and ones that are new in HTML5.Prepare images for the Web and add them to your pages. Use CSS to style text, add background colors and images, and implement a multicolumn layout.Build a single site for all users—whether they are using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or other Web-enabled device—based on many of the components of responsive Web design, including CSS3 media queries.Leverage new selectors in CSS3, add Web fonts to your pages with @font-face, and use CSS3 effects such as opacity, background alpha transparency, gradients, rounded corners, drop shadows, shadows inside elements, text shadows, and multiple background images.Improve your site’s accessibility with ARIA landmark roles and other good coding practices.Build forms to solicit input from your visitors. Include media in your pages with the HTML5 audio and video elements. Test and debug your Web pages. Secure a domain name and publish your site.  And much more! All book code samples and more are available on the companion web site.

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      Demonstrates the basics of HTML while explaining how to design websites, format text, add multimedia effects, and create forms, tables, lists and style sheets. Original.

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