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How To Profit From Your Divorce


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How To Profit From Your Divorce
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    1. Beskrivelse

      We cordially invite you to read P. A. Ross’s common sense guide to divorce: how to do it well and how to profit from it.

      Over 40% of marriages will end in divorce in the UK, with one in three lives now affected by it. In the US, around 50% of unions will be dissolved. For most couples, ending a marriage is an upsetting, expensive and potentially devastating process which can leave them worse off, both emotionally and financially. Children, family, savings and relationships all hang in the balance, as former partners engage in expensive legal discourse.

      But it doesn’t have to be this way. Author P. A. Ross’s own experience of divorce moved him to help others coping with separation, to enable divorcees of the future to part more amicably and without the bitterness that the existing process can create. How To Profit From Your Divorce is the culmination of Ross’s research, combined with his expertise in finance and corporate enterprise, and is designed to support, inspire and motivate the millions of people affected by divorce to make getting divorced quicker and fairer. 

      Written by the client for the client, How To Profit From Your Divorce aims to help reduce the cost of divorce, delivering a compelling plan that will allow you to rebuild your life and your wealth. By putting the important things in life like family and children first, and with careful planning and tenacity, you too can tackle divorce head on and starting living your new life with confidence.

      Part of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.  

      "You have done a brilliant job. If only my clients were empowered with your knowledge… oh yes, they can be. As a matrimonial solicitor, we focus on our client’s financial needs and nothing more. There is little pastoral care or tailoring advice for their future. Your book is the missing link." Sonia Ashley - UK Family Lawyer & Notary Public 

      "Your story gives me hope that where I may have failed to 'strengthen the family values' I hope your book helps many more. It has lifted me and reinforced my need to share my lessons learned. I wanted you to know that your book gives encouragement."              Mary Krauel - Canadian Divorcee

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