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How To Overcome Heart Disease


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How To Overcome Heart Disease
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The purpose of this book is to provide information which will enable the reader to prevent heart disease or, if necessary, overcome it. 

    It contains new information which is derived from years of careful scientific research much of which was performed by intellectual giants such as Linus Pauling, the twice Nobel Laureate.

    This is finally “capped off” by the author's research into the electronic nature of life which was initiated both by personal tragedy, as explained in the first two chapters, and by a need to arrive at an explanation for phenomena which could not otherwise be conceptualised.

    In this book contains a lot about Vitamin C and the reason for this is that some years ago the author discovered that it has very special qualities which set it apart from other vitamins.  Simply put, it is one of the building blocks of life which enabled energy transmission which, in turn, enabled cells to transform into vigorous living structures and begin the long haul of evolution up to the present day.

    In this book the author describes the mechanism by which life uses Vitamin C and goes on to illustrate this by demonstrating that our bodies simply begin to fall apart if we don’t get enough of this marvellous substance.

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