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Happy Families: A practical book for modern couples (Before and after marriage)


Happy Families: A practical book for modern couples (Before and after marriage)
E-bog, PDF (kr. 59,00) (kr. 59,00)
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E-bog, PDF
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  1. Beskrivelse

    This practical book was written for You because you have decided to share your

    life with the person you have chosen AND to enjoy being together for many

    years (till death do us part).

    In many fairytales the ending is magic: they marry and live happily ever after…

    the fairytale is over but the story is only beginning… How do they manage to be

    happy ever after? What is their secret?

    In fairytales, couples often come from two different countries or places. This

    means that both the Prince and his Princess have two different cultures but they

    do live happily ever after… Dream or may be lie?

    In this book I will describe a situation similar, but true, that of two people from

    two different parts of the world. They fall in love and marry. They want to be

    happy and be a family – a happy family. However, they don’t know HOW. This

    book is to help you to understand the way to happiness for two people in a

    permanent relationship. This book concerns itself with the science and the art of

    happy family life and intimate relationships. Science means an exact knowledge.

    Art means feelings and inspirations. You need both parts to form a happy family.

    It is about learning and practicing. It unlocks hidden secrets which you can use

    for a successful future.

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