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Great Companion to Meditations & Aphorisms for Moral Transformation


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Great Companion to Meditations & Aphorisms for Moral Transformation
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  1. Beskrivelse

    This is the Softbound Black & White Text Edition to the Complete Companion Series. It is a collection of extracted quotes from the Akshaya Patra Series: Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind: Vol 1 Book 1 Parts 1-3, and Moral Destiny, The Miracle of Light, The Legacy of Light: from Vol 1 Book 2 Parts 1-3.Man's first obligation for living is to lead a moral life. We come in search of Truth. Our nature is bound by Truth. We have a destiny to perfect the strength of character. If we fail, we have only ourselves to blame.The cause originates in the future. [Seeded in the Beginning, or Bereshith.] The target exists in a state of perfection, from its first instant, which is unfolding. We call this future state, The Beginning. It is an eternal beginning, an eternal instant.Symbolical systems are living systems. They thrive, grow, develop, and die and come to life again . . . We give life to our creations. This is done through the power of mind and breath; the Soul, the Spirit, consciousness, and life energies, and these embrace us thru their power of love and devotion and come to life thru concentration.Energy is consciousness, and it follows the power of the will, even more so when it calls and recalls to mind and consciousness Divinity, and provides a path to awaken awareness to the divine.The vitality, human aura, mind or mental faculties (objective, subjective, subconscious and Cosmic) are all mirrors reflecting realities of the absoluteWhether these are in nature, society, or experienced in the vast cosmos in the light and vitality of the galaxies,stars and planets.The visualization, in practice ceremonially, of these psychic visual elements, or other such divine images, along with their names, forms, tones, sounds and colors in these vital fields, ';assumes' their identity, as an actor would who completely takes on the character of a role.Your thought and breath give them life. We say, to take these on as a Divine Assumption. These are introductions.

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