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Graph Theory and Its Applications


indgår i serie Textbooks in Mathematics

Graph Theory and Its Applications
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Bog, hardback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Graph Theory and Its Applications, Third Edition is the latest edition of the international, bestselling textbook for undergraduate courses in graph theory, yet it is expansive enough to be used for graduate courses as well. The textbook takes a comprehensive, accessible approach to graph theory, integrating careful exposition of classical developments with emerging methods, models, and practical needs. The authors' unparalleled treatment is an ideal text for a two-semester course and a variety of one-semester classes, from an introductory one-semester course to courses slanted toward classical graph theory, operations research, data structures and algorithms, or algebra and topology.Features of the Third EditionExpanded coverage on several topics (e.g., applications of graph coloring and tree-decompositions)Provides better coverage of algorithms and algebraic and topological graph theory than any other text Incorporates several levels of carefully designed exercises that promote student retention and develop and sharpen problem-solving skillsIncludes supplementary exercises to develop problem-solving skills, solutions and hints, and a detailed appendix, which reviews the textbook's topicsAbout the AuthorsJonathan L. Gross is a professor of computer science at Columbia University. His research interests include topology and graph theory.Jay Yellen is a professor of mathematics at Rollins College. His current areas of research include graph theory, combinatorics, and algorithms.Mark Anderson is also a mathematics professor at Rollins College. His research interest in graph theory centers on the topological or algebraic side.

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    1111 g
    178 mm
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    3rd New edition
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      10 Tables, black and white; 905 Illustrations, black and white

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