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Gouache for Illustration

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Gouache for Illustration
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    Bog, paperback
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      Also known as opaque watercolor, gouache is the most brilliant of all painting mediums, possessing the greatest degree of opacity and capable of the finest detail work. Often erroneously thought to be impermanent--and therefore used only for commercial work that is not meant to be saved--gouache in fact provides the artist with as many permanent colors as oil, watercolor, or acrylic. Not only is it the favorite medium of illustrators and graphic artists, but it is also prized by watercolor artists for adding color and special effects to their paintings. Despite this popularity, gouache has received scant attention in art instruction books. Gouache for Illustration, the first book on gouache materials and techniques, provides all the information illustrators and fine artists need to know about this rewarding medium. Among this book's special features are:

      Comprehensive consumer guide comparing professional paint brands Series of simple tests for evaluating paints and brushes Section on color recipes for rendering various surfaces Gallery of step-by-step demonstrations of illustrations, for which gouache is often the medium of choice In this one-of-a-kind book, Rob Howard demonstrates how fine artists and illustrators can master this dynamic medium.

      Rob Howard, co-owner of the Studio for Illustration in Boston, has over forty years of experience in all aspects of art and now operates his own portrait studio. He has illustrated eleven books, and he authored The Illustrator's Bible, the top-selling definitive sourcebook of illustration techniques. Over the years, his illustrations toured numerous shows and museums. His advertising client list includes major advertising agencies and dozens of high-profile business corporations.

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