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God's Plan for His Creation and Eternity: Biblical Theology


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God's Plan for His Creation and Eternity: Biblical Theology
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    1. Beskrivelse

      For an Introduction I decided to quote the dialog that Sid Roth had with Professor Dr. Derek Prince in Roth's book Time Is Running Short. Dr. Prince gave his personal testimony of his encounter with the living Christ: As a soldier in the British Army during WW ll, he explains how God revealed to him the plans how He would use the Jewish people, now the nation of Israel, "To lead this world to Salvation." This is God's Plan for the Ages, for Jesus himself said, "Salvation is of the Jews."

      Dr. Harvey C. Pittman, Dean of International Seminary, made these remarks in his evaluation of this Text: The simple telling of the enlightenment of some of leading Christian scholars and the birth of Israel to begin your study, opened the door to what laid beyond. The early chapters, complete with "Appendices" following "Chapter three," are some of the best coverage on Prophesies relating to the "church," the "Gentile nations" and "Israel" that I have read in many years. Your coverage of the significant points of "Theology," "Christology," and "The End Times" thoughtfully presented a clear understanding of what these critical subjects are all about. An example of your skill can be found in your study of "Christology" in "Chapter 5." The careful telling of what it means to understand "Christology" begins with Jesus and His association with God, and to adjust their theology to understand that Jesus is "committed" to free mankind from the slavery of sin."

      To grasp the fullness of Biblical Theology, it is of utmost importance to believe that God is not only Creator of the universe, He is in control of all events of History. To illustrate, I have titled my Text with six chapters: (1) God' Plan for His Creation. (2) God's Choice of Israel (3). Prophecy (4 )Survey of New Testament Theology from Middle Ages to the 21st Century (5) Christology and (6) End Times.

      Chapter 6, End Times, explains fulfillment revealed in prophesy. There are varied interpretations to events to take place before and during the seven year reign of the Antichrist (Tribulation). My concern for the Church is the theory of "Rapture," a teaching of recent times, beginning in the middle 19th Century that the Church of true Believers will be "taken up" before Tribulation. This is a comforting thought, but the timing is not guaranteed. Who is to say, "This will occur before Tribulation?" My concern is the timing of the Lord's return. I perceive believers will be tested during Tribulation and reign of the Antichrist. The Apostasy (falling away of many "believers") as well as punishment and martyrdom of Believers, who take a stand for Christ will take place before the coming of the Lord. This presents the question of faithfulness, "He who perseveres to the End, shall be saved." Is the Church prepared to be faithful until The End? If there is no Pre-Tribulation Rapture are Believers ready, willing, and able to be faithful during persecution? If there is a Rapture, I rejoice to escape the Tribulation.

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