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God Mode

- We Are Waking Up


God Mode
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Bog, paperback (kr. 109,95) (kr. 137,32)
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Bog, paperback
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    http: // Earl and his friends sit in detention, joking with Mr. Lightman about their hatred for this world. Lightman hits them with juvenile jokes and antics until their pain activates his higher multi-dimensional awareness. He schools them on unconditional love, and their true Self - The One behind their names, personalities and social status. They're fascinated, but call him na ve, saying that happiness only exists on a parallel planet called Earth 5.0. Meanwhile, within the 8th dimension of our reality, Aum and Auh are souls spiraling through the layers of The Creator's essence. They explore the densities, inner planes, and planets of the ribaK star system. Heaven ends when they first experience fear, and are pulled into the third dimension. They receive physical bodies from the Arcturian race of extraterrestrials, and are materialized into Mr. Lightman's 7th-grade Manhattan classroom. They're told that they can return home if they guide the young ones towards authentic spiritual enlightenment, and take them to Earth 5.0. On a seven-story, rainbow-colored spaceship, the children chill, dance, and crack jokes, while using ancient spiritual knowledge, science, religion, metaphysics, yoga, meditation, self-analysis, music, movies and video games to awaken their Inner Teacher. They face painful personal challenges on every continent, while learning how consciousness works on their spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, cellular, and atomic selves. With zero tolerance for flimsy explanations, they grill the Arcturians for blunt and practical answers on many topics, including nutrition, physical and mental health, and dealing with stress. How can the teachings of Yehoshua and The Buddha stop Vincent from being an arrogant hater, or help Din work through serious anger issues? How can physical exercise and knowing the Higher Self help Kareem as he gets bullied for being Muslim, or stop Nadia from hating her weight, dark skin, and wide nose? How can proper nutrition, music, and meditation help Earl to focus and manage his schoolwork? And how can the use of joy and vital energy allow Bindia to finally enjoy her young life? God Mode taps into the great nothingness inside of us which can't be grabbed or talked about logically with human words. Through comedy, action-adventure, drama, and life-altering information, you can reawaken the knowing you had during childhood that said, "There's something more going on here." Now is the time to upgrade to God Mode, because We Are Waking Up. Read excerpts of God Mode at https: //

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