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Gluten-Free Kids


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Gluten-Free Kids
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Gluten-free kids shows how to provide coeliac children with a diet that will eradicate their unpleasant symptoms, and how to do it without stress and with the minimum of disruption to the rest of the family. A gluten-free diet requires commitment and is a long-term lifestyle change but it will become much easier with the help of Gluten-free kids.

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      • Bibliotekernes beskrivelse

        Many people around the world struggle to cope with the dietary challenges involved in having a coeliac child. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition where the immune system (the body's defence against infection) has an adverse reaction to gluten leading it to mistakenly attack healthy tissue. When you discover your child has coeliac disease it might seem depressing, even frightening, but getting a diagnosis is actually a good thing. Now that you know what's been making your child unwell, you can make their unpleasant symptoms disappear by sticking to a gluten-free diet. A gluten-free diet requires real commitment and it's a long-term lifestyle change which will affect the whole family but it will become much easier over time and with the help of the ideas in Gluten-free kids.Readers will discover: * What exactly coeliac disease is and how it affects their child; * How to help their child understand their condition; * The importance of making sure that everyone from Grandma to the head teacher is aware of the diagnosis and its implications; * Ways to cope with potential pitfalls such as peer pressure and teenage rebellion; * How to ensure that parties, holidays and family meals remain a pleasure not a chore. By following the advice in this book readers can avoid the stress and learn to make gluten-free eating a natural part of their family's life.

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