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George Best

- After Hours: This Is Not a Football Story: It Is Simply One Night with George


George Best
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    George Best: After Hours is a short novel that takes place over one evening in 1970. Back then during a mysterious time before dawn breaks, when George, a clown, a Priest, a hitman, a hooker and dwarf actor walked the late night, early-shift on the canal paths of Manchester and traipsed over a drawer-bridge to unknowingly enter a nightclub that was a world apart. Where the eternal drinkers gathered. A sea of wine, whiskey and pills. Of lovers, dreamers and poets. Scum, lowlifes and those who simply wanted to do nothing more than drink until the sun once more rose over the River Irwell the following morning. A magical, bewitching but also dangerous place. Over the rainbow and under a Mancunian moon. Where lives changed forever, where mermaids swam, Red Indians held sway, gangsters played cards under the Devil's eyes and the Grim Reaper often came out to collect. The last time where George could've walked another road. A once in a lifetime chance of ruin or redemption. This place had a name but it was more a time. They called it after hours and I'd like to take you all back down that cobbled canal path. A yellow brick road. Because of the wonderful things he did George was given one last chance. But would he take it?

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