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Garage Band '09 Power!

- The Comprehensive Recording and Podcasting Guide


Garage Band '09 Power!
E-bog, ePub (kr. 16,38) (kr. 16,38)
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E-bog, ePub
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  1. Beskrivelse

    "Ready to explore music composition, recording, podcasting, audio/video

    blogging, remixing/mashing, and sound design for video editing or DVD creation

    with GarageBand? Great! This book will show you how. GarageBand is one of the

    most powerful and user-friendly tools available for capturing and

    manipulating sound, and the best part is, it comes free with your Mac!

    Although GarageBand has always been easy to use, it provides an amazing amount

    of power and sophistication to users who really want to dig in and get the

    most out of it. GarageBand '09 Power! provides an easy-to-understand, detailed

    guide for how to make professional-sounding music, podcasts, soundtracks,

    mixes, mashups, and much more with the newest version of GarageBand. Through

    the use of screenshots, tutorials, creative jumping-off points, real-world

    examples, and a conversational, personal tone, this book will teach you how to

    use GarageBand to create music, record and publish podcasts, or even score

    your own movie. Whether you're just starting out with audio creation, or you

    are already familiar with GarageBand and simply want to take your skills to

    the next level, GarageBand '09 Power! is for you."

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