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From Superstition to Reason - Filipino Humanists

- The Journey Towards Humanism


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From Superstition to Reason - Filipino Humanists
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Bog, paperback (kr. 99,95) (kr. 127,50)
  1. Beskrivelse

    Contents From Superstition to Reason ------------------------------- Filipino Humanists: the Journey towards Humanism -------- Dedication HAPI Founding Chairwoman: "I Want to Pay It Forward" Marissa Torres Langseth Introduction Alex Mendoza Wisner Prefatory ----------- Love and Reason Danielle Hill Why am I a Humanist? Alain Sayson Presillas From Superstition to Reason Alvin John Ballares The Beauty of Secularism Dmitri Cortes Conversation at Sunset Bobby Olarte and Joseph Calderon I am a Deist Bryan Valentino For the Name of Love and Freedom Jahziel Tayco Ferrer I believe empathy is a necessary factor for a humanist Dominic Malazarte Seeing the world with open eyes Christopher Michael V. Barredo Do we really need a god or religion to be humane? J Rik Villa Why I am HAPI: A story from a religious humanist Jamie del Rosario Martinez English and Tagalog I couldn't reconcile what the Church was teaching Jesus Falcis Religion a poisonous paradox Huemer Uy My journey from Christianity to agnosticism Paul Guerrero How Did I Become a Secular Humanist? Kuya Manzano I Am More of a Humanist Than an Atheist, Here's Why Reginald Gajete My Path to a Life of Meaning and Purpose Leoni Erica Tayamen God is Irrelevant. My story of Apatheism and Humanism Jennifer Gutierrez Freethinking Filipino Red Tani Everything was started with a wonder Jean Tapao No Such Thing as "Ask and It Will Be Given to You" Mutya Valenzuela My Story Nards Go My Road to Humanism Cris Rafael Silao Common Kindness Rafael Azanza No Free Pass for Religion Ivan Drieter Eusebio I Am Kind Because It Is Right Renzo Pamplona More Morality and Integrity Alex Mendoza Wisner We are all in this world together Leilani Angel The World Is What Humanity Makes It Alejandro Curtis The Beauty of Doubt Andy Uyboco Enlightenment Guided by the Candle of Science Ron Jaurigue Living the Humanist Life as a Public Figure Migs Mendoza My Odyssey to Atheism John Lester Aguila A Fraction of Enlightenment Rholdee Lagumbay I just read the whole damn Bible Numer Agustin An Atheist Educator Ernesto Tabios Smelting My Values in the Furnace of Life Mark Lee Gadian I Found My Answer Bede Daniel Garcia A World of Labels Gino Paradela Who Am I Without God Jason Quizon I Didn't Pray, I Worked Hard Juda Arda Luta How It All Started Kayzelle Sarabia There's No G-O-D in Kindness Vanessa Urbantke I'm Good Without God. What Do You Believe In Kevin Perdiguez I Am Content Mike Madriaga I would rather be Human Don Paez --------------- Appendix Ruben Tulud Poems What is Secular Humanism About HAPI The Five Human symbols of the HAPI Logo (More inside)

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    Bog, paperback
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