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From Minnows to Men: Saving Our Children Through: Discipline, Structure, & Guidance


From Minnows to Men: Saving Our Children Through: Discipline, Structure, & Guidance
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    Bog, hardback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      From Minnows to Men is about improving our relationships with our children as we prepare them for the future. It can easily be read and clearly understood, as author Luella Thomas and coauthor Ricky Hill intentionally did not use cleaver dialog or mastering wit. They chose to keep the book simple and to the point. While Hill delivers a spiritual concept in many of the chapters, Thomas breaks it down into simple terms. Their voices cry loud with sincere passion and dedication, as their information has proven to be far less than a simple read or an easy fix. The following are just a few topics of discussion:

      “The Blame Game” clearly hones in on blaming others for our inconsistencies and failures, and those of your children as well.

      “The Name Game” may be a bit much to absorb if you’re looking for comfort. It addresses how we as parents tend to use unfriendly names and gestures, especially when our irrational thoughts spiral out of control.

      “Giving Up Moral Conscience for Profit” is a read for those who are guilty. However, if the shoe fits, wear it; hell and destruction may be far worse than a funky, old, perfectly fitting shoe.

      “The African American Woman” is a read that may require a glass of red wine. Warning! Please fasten your seat belts and keep an open mind, as it is intended to take you for the ride of your life.

      “Practicing or Pretending?” may very well be a great read for all people, as it addresses the issues of hypocrisy. Need we say more?

      “What Does the Future Hold?” addresses the preparation of our children’s future and the importance of coming together for the greater cause, which is to save our children.

      We hope you enjoy this book!

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