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Freak-Part I

- Exposition, Exposure, & Exultation.


Freak-Part I
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Bog, paperback (kr. 89,95) (kr. 109,39)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The three books of the trilogy cover the years from the present to the year 2130 as Jolene Quatermain-aka Freak (the world's first Homo Sapiens Superior)- pushes technical advances forwards by many decades, if not centuries. Her sole aim is to totally reshape the human race into an egalitarian one, thereby saving it from self-destruction. To do all this merely requires one simple act, under her core edit that "No-one has to die"- but it is one that no other human would dare consider- or find acceptable. Part One of the Trilogy covers a period following the brutal kidnapping of Emmy, Freak's 14-year-old sister. Flashbacks in alternate chapters chart her life and rise to international prominence. Born to a latter-day Hippie mother, who's broad-mindedness shapes Freak's outlook, her millionaire step-father feels morally obliged to throw unlimited money on the child-genius's private education. Correcting Einstein's physics at the age of 15- and immediately hiding them again when she realizes their potential military use- she begins to secretly research methods to make her plans succeed. To finance the schemes she moves into the world of International Finance. Her secret passion with computers means every file held on them is available to her eyes, and also allow her to embark on massive charity works. When she is saved from assassination (by major criminals)- by the father-figure who becomes her life-partner- she builds up the planet's largest high-tech and financial mega-conglomerate, as well as the biggest charity institution. But it comes at enormous personal cost to herself, her closest friends, and especially her estranged family, whom she almost destroys.

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