FORTRAN 90 for Scientists and Engineers


FORTRAN 90 for Scientists and Engineers
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The history of channel catfish farming in the United States serves as a model for the development of pond-based aquaculture industries worldwide. Channel catfish farming is the largest and economically most important aquaculture industry in the United States. In 2003, over 300,000 metric tons (662 million pounds) of channel catfish were processed, representing about half the total United States aquaculture production. Demand for farm-raised catfish is strong, with record processing years in 2002 and 2003. In 22 chapters written by active scientists in the field, Biology and Culture of Channel Catfish comprehensively synthesizes over 30 years of research on this American icon. Throughout the book, fundamental biological aspects of channel catfish are linked to practical culture techniques.Topics include: * Latest information on reproductive physiology, genetics, and breeding * Comprehensive treatment of catfish nutrition, feeds, and feeding practices * Water quality management and pond dynamics * In-depth review of immunology in channel catfish * Practical information on diseases and health management * Techniques for commercial culture, including innovative techniques such as raceways, recirculating systems, and partitioned aquaculture systems * Catfish economics and marketing * Exploration of environmental concerns, including recommended Best Management PracticesIn the modem language of reservoir engineering by reservoir description is understood the totality of basic local information concerning the reservoir rock and fluids which by various procedures are extrapolated over the entire reservoir. Fracture detection, evaluation and processing is another essential step in the process of fractured reservoir description. In chapter 2, all parameters related to fracture density and fracture intensity, together with various procedures of data processing are discussed in detail. After a number of field examples, developed in Chap. 3, the main objective remains the quantitative evaluation of physical properties. This is done in Chap. 4, where the evaluation of fractures porosity and permeability, their correlation and the equivalent ideal geometrical models versus those parameters are discussed in great detail. Special rock properties such as capillary pressure and relative permeability are reexamined in the light of a double-porosity reservoir rock. In order to complete the results obtained by direct measurements on rock samples, Chap. 5 examines fracturing through indirect measurements from various logging results. The entire material contained in these five chapters defines the basic physical parameters and indicates procedures for their evaluation which may be used further in the description of fractured reservoirs.Wound Healing, and the Myofibroblast: A Historical and Biological Perspective is the fruit of an interdisciplinary and international collaboration involving a historian of medicine (Dr. Zampieri), a physician (Dr. Coen), and a researcher (Prof. Gabbiani, world-renowned for his discovery of the myofibroblast). This book aims to draw a concise yet complete description of the conceptual evolution of wound healing, fibrosis and fibrosis-related pathologies from antiquity to present time, as well as commenting on the role of the myofibroblast and the key cell type essential for tissue repair and fibrosis (from its identification in 1971 throughout its 50-years-old history). By viewing this complex and century-long history from different perspectives, the book's authors aim to draw an exhaustive overview, with the hope of inspiring new and fruitful basic and clinical research.Fractional-Order Design: Devices, Circuits, and Systems introduces applications from the design perspective so that the reader can learn about, and get ready to, design these applications. The book also includes the different techniques employed to comprehensively and straightforwardly design fractional-order systems/devices. Furthermore, a lot of mathematics is available in the literature for solving the fractional-order calculus for system application. However, a small portion is employed in the design of fractional-order systems. This book introduces the mathematics that has been employed explicitly for fractional-order systems. Students and scholars who wants to quickly understand the field of fractional-order systems and contribute to its different domains and applications will find this book a welcomed resource.Most chemists, whether they are biochemists, organic, analytical, pharmaceutical or clinical chemists and many pharmacists and biologists need to perform chemical analysis. Consequently, they are not only confronted with carrying out the actual analysis, but also with problems such as method selection, experimental design, optimization, calibration, data acquisition and handling, and statistics in order to obtain maximum relevant chemical information. In other words: they are confronted with chemometrics. This book on chemometrics, written by some of the leaders in the field, aims to provide a thorough, up-to-date introduction to this subject. The reader is given the opportunity to acquaint himself with the tools used in this discipline and the way in which they are applied. Some practical examples are given and the reader is shown how to select the appropriate tools in a given situation.As such the book provides the means to approach and solve analytical problems strategically and systematically, without the need for the reader to become a fully-fledged chemometrician. The authors' aim was to write a tutorial book which would be useful to readers at every level in this field.Nano-enabled Agrochemicals in Agriculture presents a targeted overview of the safe implementation of nanotechnologies within horticultural and agricultural settings with the purpose of achieving enhanced production while maintaining ecological integrity. The growing global request for agricultural crops/products requires high standards of quality and safety, which has stimulated the search for new technologies that preserve their quality and delay their decomposition. It includes sections on the use of nano-chemicals in insect pest management, as nano-fungicides, nano-herbicides, micro-nutrient supply, and nano-sensors to monitor crop/soil health conditions. This book will be of interest to a wide range of plant scientists who have concerns about nanomaterial interactions with terrestrial and aquatic plants.The introduction of the Fortran 90 standard is the first significant change in the Fortran language in over 20 years. this book is designed for anyone wanting to learn Fortran for the first time or or a programmer who needs to upgrade from Fortran 77 to Fortran 90.Employing a practical, problem-based approach this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the language. More experienced programmers will find it a useful update to the new standard and will benefit from the emphasis on science and engineering applications.

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