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Fly High Reach the Sky

- 7 Ways for Women to Take Action in Life


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Fly High Reach the Sky
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  1. Beskrivelse

    What is the right decision? Where will this path lead? This is part of life for every woman, isn't it?This book shares how the author, Dr. Esther Beltran, has dealt with these uncertainties through her personal life stories. The book shares her journey from a little girl in Catalonia to where she is today, working with NASA, as a leader in Medicine, Science and Aerospace. Some of these stories have been shared with students and audiences, others are being shared publicly for the first time. The stories are intended to ignite a spark of inspiration and empowerment for women. Life gives us plenty of opportunities to laugh at ourselves, and Dr. Esther's contagious sense of humor is evident throughout the book. She says, 'It is my goal to show you life through my eyes, with hopes that you might gain a small pearl of wisdom from my '7 flight lessons.' It is also my hope that you would get a glimpse of my true spirit, the real me underneath all the titles and list of accomplishments, one that at times comes across a bit comical.' In the past, women's voices were silent or unheard. Our thoughts and ideas were hidden from the world. Now, those points of view can be expressed and heard. Why aren't we, as women, using the voice we have been given? This is the mantra of this book. It is time for women to 'Fly High,' to be seen, to be heard, and make a difference in this world!

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