Flexible Working

- Latest Best Practice for Employers and Employees: A Specially Commissioned Report


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Flexible Working
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    How to make flexible working a big plus for employers too

    It's true. Flexible working can bring huge benefits to employers as well as their employees. Provided it's handled properly and both employer and employee understand their rights and how to handle them.

    As an employer, get your policy right and you'll gain the following advantages: 1. Retention of staff and knowledge; 2. Saving of recruitment costs; 3. Saving on training costs--and time; 4. Less absenteeism; 5. Improved employee satisfaction and motivation; 6. Increased productivity and profits.

    Get your policy wrong and you fall foul of the law and demotivate or lose] good staff. Are you aware of your rights--as employer or employee?

    Recent research shows that far too many individuals, as well as firms, are unaware of flexible working rights. How employers and employees deal with them is of crucial--and increasing--importance to both.

    But there is very little published material available apart from statistics and official reports.

    This specially commissioned report clarifies the law, sets out the rights of employer and employee and offers valuable practical advice on best practice.

    Written by Audrey Williams, Partner in the Employment team at Eversheds, the report contains a wealth of case studies illustrating the most recent decisions in critical new areas, many as yet not tried and tested.

    It also explains how Flexible Working rights interact with The Sex Discrimination Act and The Disability Discrimination Act. There have been several cases where employees have based their case on a mixture of flexibility and discrimination.

    It's not just about women - it's The Sandwich Generation

    Anyone responsible for the care of both their children and parents belongs to the 'Sandwich Generation' as the EOP calls it].

    Flexible working affects everyone in the organisation, across all age groups. Men as much as women. 42% of all carers of older and disabled people are men.*

    There are now more over 60's than under 16's in the UK.

    By 2006, 45-59 year-olds will form the largest group in the UK labour force.

    *Statistic from The Equal opportunities Commission EOP]

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