Flashback to 1955 - A Time Traveler's Guide


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Flashback to 1955 - A Time Traveler's Guide
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- - - Also available in other years - - -Let's FLASHBACK to 1955, a very special year. Was this the year you were born? Was this the year you were married? 

This 70-page booklet travels back in time to celebrate your year, THE YEAR 1955. 

Get ready to discover 70 pages of fun-filled fabulous facts. We look at the people, the places, the politics, and the pleasures that made 1955 unique and helped shape the world we know today. 

Imagine if time-travel was a reality, and one fine morning you wake up to find yourself flashed back in time, back to the year 1955. 

What would life be like for a typical family, in a typical town, somewhere in America? 

The post-war boom delivered us a booming economy, booming birth numbers, booming suburbs, and the booming trappings of the consumerist culture we still live in today.... (cont.)

Now just imagine you flashed back to a town in 1955 England. 

Unlike boom-time America, a very different picture would await you. .... (Get the book to read more!)

Expertly written by author Bernard Bradforsand-Tyler, a history teacher with a passion for sharing his knowledge. This 70+ page booklet makes the perfect unique and thoughtful gift for anyone born or married in the year 1955.  

Celebrating the people, places, politics, and pleasures that made 1955 a very special year. 

Contains just the right amount of light-hearted trivia and serious international feature-news articles. 

A beautifully presented book filled with vintage photo reproductions on every page. Includes more than 20 rare vintage advertisements, many reproduced in full-page, with added enlarged text for easy reading. 

Contains expertly researched and written original full-page feature articles on: 

Life in 1955 America, A Decade of Change for the UK, Our Love Affair with Cars, Tuning in to Television, McDonalds' National Expansion, Rosa Parks-Montgomery Bus Boycott, The Cold War, Nuclear Arms Race,  Einstein Dies at 76, Coup d'état Ousts Perón, James Dean-Death of an IconDisneyland's Grand Opening, The Lord of the Rings, The Guinness Book of Records, A Rock 'n' Roll Revolution, A Vaccine for Polio, Plus 8 pages of Fashion Trends. 

Also includes:

Sporting Highlights, The Year in Films, Most Popular TV Shows, Billboard Top 30 Songs, Born in the Year 1955, Census Statistics and Costs of Goods. 

The Time-Traveler's Guide - Flashback series of books are a hit with all generations. Leave them on the coffee table for the grandchildren to enjoy too! 

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