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Family of Light: The Calling, Volume I


Family of Light: The Calling, Volume I
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    Bog, hardback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Enter an immensely powerful and intelligent alien shuttle with two young friends and find yourself transported to a realm of wonder and amazement that may challenge nearly everything you have been led to believe.

      Follow Nick and Angie from Boulder, Colorado as they explore what they believe to be an undiscovered cave but instead find great danger, from which they can escape only by taking a pathway to the stars. The way leads the two young adventurers, and Nick’s little dog “Doc,” to a fateful rendezvous with a huge Pleiadian Mother Ship, aboard which they experience wonders beyond anything they could have imagined, yet also the depths of terror and fear.

      Why? To what end? Where will it all lead? Who is behind it, and what do they want? Unravel the mystery and discover the answers to these questions and a lot more, that up until now, most humans have been afraid to ask. -- And perhaps still not quite ready to face.

      Is it fiction, or reality? Is it too much light? Is it too much truth to take in all at once? At times during the journey, it certainly seems so. Discover what Earth’s leading quantum physicists already know about our shared inner reality, and how it relates to the outer universe, in some of the newest and hardest-hitting Sci-Fi around.

      And perhaps, as you embark on your own journey of self-discovery, learn how your own imagination can take you to places far more desirable than the “reality” you have been programmed to accept. If you are ready.

      But keep in mind, it’s just a story. It’s only science fiction.

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