Family Motion: 52 Weeks of Living, Learning & Laughing


Family Motion: 52 Weeks of Living, Learning & Laughing
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Are you looking forward to maximizing life? Your life is complete when you have a family, with happiness, peace, and strength.However, you should know that raising the right family is impossible, and you have to keep learning to move ahead in life for betterment. With our hectic day-to-day lives, we need to cultivate time to help build family bonds. So, when you pick up this book, this is what you learn: ¿How you can make family time a priority and ways to do that.¿Learn activities that do not consume a lot of your time but teach you meaningful family lessons.¿Teachings from the Bible that will help establish faith, courage, love, trust, and more. ¿How you, as an authority figure in your family, can influence your children to follow the path to a meaningful life.¿How actions in your life can be more well-thought and intentional. ¿A 52-week plan to a more joyous and insightful family.It is psychologically proven that the stronger the family bond is, the more one becomes accomplished in life. The saying, "As You Sow, So You Reap" is apt when it comes to one's family. Not only is parenting difficult, but it also exhausts you endlessly.PRAISE FOR FAMILY MOTION"Just as a farmer plants seeds diligently, waters them consistently and waits patiently until it yields a harvest, in like manner this book represents to the family unit, a book of seeds from which carefully selected Christian values could be picked and sown in anticipation of a bountiful harvest in the future."- GABRIEL ONYEKWELUAs someone who has written daily devotionals for years, one thing I found out was that, while it sounds good religiously to use daily devotional, days differ from days. Some days are busier than others. Some are more hectic than other. Some days start earlier than others and in the same vein some end later than others. This means that; with daily devotionals; as religiously good as they are, they are in truth not usually practicable. This is especially at the family level where everyone's schedule and priority differ from days to days. This weekly family chat solves that problem for you because as Kiki put it in the journal, as a family you simply select a day in the week that is good for all family members.- DAVID IYANIWURAMake your life as easy as it comes and BUY NOW.

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