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Experience Istanbul 2018


Experience Istanbul 2018
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Bog, paperback (kr. 139,95) (kr. 154,95)
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Bog, paperback
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    Experience Travel Guides, the guides the Travel Industry trusts, are unique in that they are designed to be read in the same way as a novel. They are a valuable resource for those planning to visit a destination, a source of information for those just interested in finding out more about a country or city, and a pleasure for those armchair travelers who just enjoy a good read. Experience Istanbul highlights the more rewarding parts of the city so that those planning a visit can quickly and efficiently plan an itinerary. We locate and detail the best places to see and the top experiences to enjoy, and recommend accommodation options in all areas. All are based on the personal experience of the author. We capture the personality and the underlying cultural and historical significance of the city and the surrounding areas. We explore the wonderful mosques, churches, and museums of the Old City, the shops, restaurants, and nightspots of the Beyoglu area, the fascinating Asian Shore where tourism is very secondary to normal life, and the Bosphorus which for some is the city's unsung highlight. Suggestions are also made for day and extended tours outside the city. In the process, we meet friendly, helpful people, buy fascinating handicrafts, eat tantalizing cuisine, and enjoy charming hospitality. As more people travel to new destinations, guidebooks grow in importance. Hard-copy books, however, are often out of date before they are printed and users are frustrated by experiences contrary to what is described. This book has no such problem as it was updated in December 2017 and can be updated as often as necessary to keep it right up to date. Some people believe the internet has all the answers these days but be aware that many internet sites provide out of date or inaccurate information and many are extremely biased. We have done everything possible to ensure our information is up to date and we will continue to update the book as necessary. We also accept no advertising or sponsorship so can give an honest opinion about everything we see. Please realize, however, that no guidebook can substitute for common sense. Istanbul is a great place for exploring on foot so you need to pack clothing, footwear, and other items appropriate for doing just that. Istanbul is summer can be very hot and humid while in winter it can get very cold at night. Don't be fooled by the outward appearance of a modern Western city. It is still very much a Middle East Muslim city so you should be aware of the customs and traditions associated with that culture and religion particularly when visiting mosques. We believe that every place in the world provides unique experiences which make a visit worthwhile. Istanbul has great experiences at every turn. We encourage you to explore, meet the locals, and grab each new opportunity as it arises. Traveling is fun but always do it with care and compassion. In that way, your Istanbul experience can provide lifetime memories.

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