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Expect Leadership in Engineering-Hardback


Expect Leadership in Engineering-Hardback
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Bog, hardback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    If you work with engineers, EXPECT Leadership in Engineering is the Leadership Process for you. It is most helpful to those actively leading technical experts in a rapidly changing, highly interconnected company. The ideas will inspire you. The action packed stories, riveting scenarios and lively role plays will prepare you to fearlessly outwit any challenge.

    Some would say that we’re losing our social skills. They suggest that we're missing the human component to read a person’s mood, understand their body language or be patient until the moment is right to make a point.

    EXPECT Leadership in Engineering addresses those assumptions head-on with a model that works for engineers.

    As a leader in engineering, you’ll learn the art of setting and reaching high expectations. Your team will begin to ask the right questions to understand and value the perceptions of others. Your colleagues will appreciate the encouraging ways you’re taught to thank those who contribute. Students of this Leadership Journal for Engineers encounter positive principles and acquire the skills to build and communicate a solid action plan.

    Once you apply the five step process to your real life challenges, unexpected catastrophes become easier to overcome. Communication channels open. Relationships begin to heal. New options emerge. In many instances, you’ll find that after you apply the entire process you are better off than if the once perplexing problem had never occurred. Hard to believe? It’s true.

    Think about the Chief Operating Officer promoted because his automation skills were superb – and fired many heartaches later due to his lack of employee sensitivity.

    Consider the Project Manager who dithered until his project was $900,000 in the red before he notified management. It was revealed during a promotional interview.

    Reflect on the Engineer who bypassed the testing phase on software he was installing on a customer’s conveyor system. Imagine the firm’s embarrassment when he responded with a half-truth and was sent home.

    These were not bad people. Their technical expertise was outstanding. Unfortunately, they aspired (or were thrust into) leadership endeavors without a clue how to navigate the people issues they would encounter. The damage was avoidable.

    So how do you instill the correct leadership traits?

    EXPECT Leadership applies logic. EXPECT Leadership embraces a simple model that works consistently to minimize the ambiguity and uncertainty in dealing with people. Engineers blossom when this uncertainty is mitigated. Their natural problem solving skills emerge and they thrive.

    After more than a decade of coaching, mentoring, and training engineering teams, Keith Martino wrote this Leadership Journal to empower engineers because:

    1. Every engineer will find themselves in a Moment of Truth when instantaneous leadership is required. 

    2. Engineers perform best when they ask more questions and proactively verbalize their perceptions.

    3. Technical employees make great leaders when they follow a logical model for communication.

    EXPECT Leadership in Engineering is the Leadership Process your team will appreciate and model for others.

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