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Even in the Well...


Even in the Well...
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Bog, hæftet
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Life is full of wells: some shallow, some deep. You know them, don't you? Maybe you have been in one yourself. Maybe you are in one as you hold this book; the past that won't go away, the pain that does not seem to stop, the hurt that has refused to heal, the failure of yesterday, shattered dreams beyond measure and more... They threaten to veil your purpose, darken your vision and leave you void of strength... Even in the Well is more than a collection of fine work of poetry; simply unpack this book and discover a deep and poignant treasure of words, inspirations, thoughts and experiences that speak life and hope to the reader. Joseph, in this stunning anthology of inspiring work of poetry, paints with words the journeys of life in a very profound and inspirational way. On every page of this beautifully written masterpiece, you will find words of hope for the weary, purpose for the void, assurance for the feeble and faith for all. And when the wells of life seem to elude and overwhelm you, remember you are not alone; the one who made meaning out of the life of a poor, destitute young boy still stands to make meaning out of yours. And when he is done, the lines will begin to fall to you in pleasant places. It is well, even in the well...

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