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European Business and Marketing


European Business and Marketing
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    Bog, paperback
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      European Business and Marketing is published at the beginning of the new millennium and incorporates much modern thinking in Europe. It includes material on the Euro and the enlargement of the European Union (EU) and the development of global companies with a European base. The text has been researched and written especially for students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, who need to understand modern European marketing, the EU and the distinct features that are emerging in the world's largest marketplace. The text includes chapters on marketing strategy in Europe and business culture. It also covers such issues as the expansion of the Union, the development of the Euro as a single currency, economic and monetary policy. The text looks at Europe holistically and builds on modern theoretical concepts to look at the present state of business in European and future trends.Through seven core chapters the reader is introduced to the issues that are emerging within the EU and its relations to the wider Europe and the rest of the world. The book introduces the following significant themes:1. The importance of small to medium sized businesses, regionalism and networks within Europe.2. The history and origins of the development of the EU, how it operates and is likely to develop.3. The EU and its business and political relationship with the rest of the world - the EU is the major negotiator with the US in the World Trade Organisation talks and brokers trade across the world.4. Marketing and how it is being developed across Europe.5. The continued growth of joint ventures, strategic alliances and acquisitions in European business.6. The distinct features of European business culture, both locally and across borders. 7. How business is internally evolving within the European Union. These seven themes are backed up by integrated case studies for European Business and Marketing, providing an opportunity for analysis and discussion of the changes happening and the unique features of the European business market. The case studies include material from the industrial and service sectors and cover both joint venture, multinational, state controlled and small to medium sized companies. Thus the book looks at a number of types of companies and investigates the strategic, organizational, marketing and operational features that they adopt in meeting the needs and challenges of operating in the world's most developed trading block.Readership:Those taking undergraduate and MBA or equivalent courses in marketing, international marketing, European/international business, business studies and strategic management. It will also be of use to modern managers and practitioners already operating in Europe and be of direct relevance to those looking at ways of generating economic development either in the State or private sector. Cases:Anchor Butter - Bread and butter issues about trade between New Zealand and UKBelarus - Trying to develop entrepreneurs in a transition economyCo-op Bank - Green EnvironmentalismDigital Television - Launching the technological future, how to market in the unknownEuropean Vinyls Corporation 1 - The development of a European major joint venture companyEVC2 - The change from a joint venture to a limited company of a major European companyGruppo Masone - Italian repositioningIKEA - A modern retailing phenomenonLego - Competing in the toy marketMalaga Bank - The development of regional bankingMansesman - German marketingPeugeot - Positioning car manufacturers in a highly competitive marketPhillips - Rebranding within a major conglomerateShell - Positioning itself in the environmentSkoda - Relaunching a major brand Sunday Trading - lobbying to amend legislation to allow Sunday shoppingTiara Paints - Marketing paint in Italy

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      2nd Revised edition
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        The second edition of European Business and Marketing is published at the beginning of the new millennium and has been fully revised to incorporate much modern thinking in Europe. It includes material on the Euro and the enlargement of the European Union and the development of global companies with

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