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Eternity Collar


Eternity Collar
E-bog, ePub (kr. 57,69) (kr. 57,69)
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E-bog, ePub
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  1. Beskrivelse

    An Eternity Collar - small, round, shiny, metal. Hard and unforgiving. Once locked around the neck, it can never be removed. Slavery forever. Taren - 'scene' name Little Sister - is dying to know what happens in the basement of the SM Club Leather Heel. Bravely venturing downstairs one night, she's immediately blindfolded and driven to her knees, as a handful of strangers descend on the unsuspecting novice. The scene is rough, the sex is hot and Taren gets her fill of whips, cocks and bondage. However later, when she's anonymously presented with an Eternity Collar, she's scared to death of what it means and runs away, vowing to never to return. A few years later, Taren discovers that her friends Malina and Randi have made a pact to join a shadowy SM group known only as 'the circuit'. When Randi backs out at the last minute, she reveals to Taren that the circuit is recruiting new members at the Leather Heel. Alarmed, Taren hurries to stop Malina from a making foolish mistake. But instead, she's mistaken for Randi and whisked away by the circuit. As the group moves from one location to the next, Taren is passed around amongst the members, ruthlessly dominated and required to submit to numerous tortures and relentless sex. Though desperate to escape, Taren can't help but feel the extreme pleasures of submission come flooding back, no matter how much she rejects them. Nor can she deny the inexplicable hatred toward her from Hayden, a master on the circuit who seemingly will do anything to make her suffer. A prearranged safeword could win her an early exit. Without that, she'll be forced to remain a slave on the circuit until her term is complete.

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    Pink Flamingo
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