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Equestrians Afoot


Equestrians Afoot
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  1. Beskrivelse

    During the conversion from communism to capitalism, the world perceived a huge consumer goods market in Russia. The reality of the situation was that the masses had very little money. Most of the wealth rested in the hands of a small groups of oligarchs. One of the oligarchs understood the problem and decided to try to help the people raise their standard of living to that of the western world. This oligarch was know as the Cowboy! The Cowboy put together a think tank of the best minds he could find. It was an eclectic bunch, including a Russian Jew, Hagar, Mynt Hswe and others. The team with the help of Cowboy's personal secretary, Maria and his right hand man, Estaban. The Cowboy knighted them all with immense personal wealth. These knights got off their horses and developed a powerful business model to help the economy grow. They started a consumer products company directed at the Russian market. They offered to teach the model to anyone interested. Just as they were enjoying some success life stepped in. An unnoticed death led to the assignation of the Cowboy! Set in the 1970's, in Belorussia, it is but a glimpse of Russia. Equestrians afoot is the prequel to Equestrians Abroad. A much more ambitious story. In a strange turn of events the team moves to America, where they attack an even greater problem....distribution of wealth. They are almost immediately set upon by big business, the financiers and Wall Street.

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    E-bog, ePub
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