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Eon: Almost God


Eon: Almost God
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    Bog, hardback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      He was the only survivor at Roswell in '47. They moved him to Area 51 in order to retro-engineer his spacecraft and squeeze as much information out of him as they could. And they thought they had everything under control as construction of his unique 'aircraft' neared completion sixty-eight years later. But they were wrong. Autopsies on his crewmates showed that he had no vocal cords. He couldn't speak, but then he didn't have to-he could read human thoughts. From day one he knew what they were thinking. He could tell that they were never going to let him go! So he planned his escape. While they were studying his scientific advances, he was putting together a small team to help him bust out of Area 51. With only four humans with whom he could communicate telepathically, he inched closer to freedom. But escape wasn't the only problem. He had to prevent the US Military and the CIA from pursuing him after his escape. Even worse, they might follow him home in his own designed spacecraft. In order to prevent that, he would have to steal their almost completed spaceship and bring down the force behind the military and CIA-the United States Government. Impossible? Of course not! With help from the Master, it was even probable. His escape would change the world, just like the death of his half-brother, Jesus Christ, over 2000 years ago. They would have much to talk about when he got home.

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