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Enterprise Architecture and Innovation Management


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Enterprise Architecture and Innovation Management
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  1. Beskrivelse

    You've probably been hearing about Agile, Enterprise Architecture and Innovation Management for some time which isn't surprising as they are all important disciplines in their own right. If you've not been exposed to any of these or not used these together, then this book is here to help. There are differing levels of content in this book, and we've chosen to either describe a topic and why it is relevant or deep dive into the topic when we think it's necessary. This book will not attempt to show you how to do enterprise architecture or innovation management but provides a tool kit of techniques that our clients have found beneficial over the past 20 years. Many people and teams can benefit most from this book, but we took the liberty to assume the following: - You're looking at supporting some form of innovation in your organization. Whether you're a business owner, architect, line of business manager, process owner or have some other role, you would like to understand how to capture innovation. - You may have used enterprise architecture in the past but couldn't appreciate, extract or demonstrate the value of it within your organization. - You've had some success and you're looking to grow your innovation management and/or enterprise architecture practice. - You want to try combining agile techniques with enterprise architecture best practices to achieve better agility. - You want to use innovation management and enterprise architecture in conjunction with each other but are unsure of the benefits or approach. - You would like to see how enterprise architecture could be more closely aligned to project delivery.

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