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Bog, paperback Eliminating Gender-Based Violence af Professor of Primary Health Care Ann Taket

Eliminating Gender-Based Violence

(Bog, paperback)

3 black & white illustrations, 6 black & white tables, 3 black & white line drawings

3 black & white illustrations, 6 black & white tables, 3 black & white line drawings


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3 black & white illustrations, 6 black & white tables, 3 black & white line drawings
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While promoting access to resources and systems of support for those affected by gender-based violence is absolutely crucial, this new book focuses attention on the important question of how communities can take action to prevent violence and abuse. Using examples of current research and practice, the book explores the actions that can be taken in individual sectors of society, our schools, faith communities, campuses, on our streets and using new popular technologies. The contributors draw on global examples to highlight the importance of learning from the study of the interaction between socio-political contexts and effective policies and strategies to address gender-based violence. Chapters take up the challenge of exploring the construction of effective programs that address cognitive, affective, and behavioural domains. They discuss what people know, how they feel, and how they behave, and include the important challenge of how to engage men in working towards the elimination of gender-based violence, and offer positive messages which build on men's values and predisposition to act in a positive manner.Importantly, such strategies place the responsibility for preventing gender-based violence on the society as a whole rather than on vulnerable individuals. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in gender studies, women's studies, social work, sociology, law and health studies. Its unique approach focuses on the achievement of prevention at the earliest possible stage and examines the issue through a society wide, but community focused lens.

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