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Donald Trump - The Art of Getting Attention

- Top 5 Business Lessons from the Presidential Campaign of a Businessman


Donald Trump - The Art of Getting Attention
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Bog, paperback
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    Since the 1988 presidential election, Donald Trump has been considered a potential candidate for President in nearly every election. However, he was never serious about it until the 2016 election. Donald Trump formally announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015, with a campaign rally and speech at Trump Tower in New York City. He declared that he would self-fund his presidential campaign, and would refuse any money from donors and lobbyists. With seemingly no real previous political aspirations or experience, he transitioned his expertise from the business world to carve out a new niche in the political arena.

    Regardless of your place on the political spectrum, it's hard to deny the marketing prowess Donald Trump has exhibited throughout the course of his political campaign. Using the background and expertise he garnered in the marketing world, Trump has strategically applied this knowledge to bolster his political success in running for President of the United States.

    Trump's tactics have captured the world's attention as they watch a business mogul take on the political arena, and his unconventional approach has undeniably changed both the political landscape and the expectations of the voting public. Throughout the course of his campaign, the strategies Donald Trump has exhibited offer an interesting perspective in how long-standing business and marketing strategies can transition perfectly into a different context, namely the political realm.

    This book will delve into the primary marketing strategies Trump has employed in driving his campaign forward, and explore why these strategies have been successful, specifically focusing on Getting Attention at All Costs, Knowing All the Players in the Game, Keeping an Authentic and Consistent Brand, Dominating Social Media, and Adopting a Clear and Simple Mission Statement.

    - Trump's campaign] is such a very interesting marketing story and fascinating to watch from that lens. Politics is always about positions, but at its core, about marketing.- Tim Calkins, Kellogg School of Management



    Donald Trump - The Man

    Strategy #1 - Get Attention at All Costs

    Be Noticeable

    Create Messaging That Incites a Reaction

    Define the Brands of Your Rivals

    Take a Stand

    Spin Controversy

    Strategy #2 - Know All the Players in the Game



    Target Market

    Raving Fans

    Non-Supporters or -Haters-

    Strategy #3 - Keep an Authentic and Consistent Brand

    The Authentic Trump Attitude

    The Authentic Trump Style

    The Authentic Trump -Diplomacy-

    Authenticity Builds Relationships

    Strategy #4 - Adopt a Clear and Simple Mission Statement

    Choose the Wording Carefully

    Focus on Being Inclusive

    Strategy #5 - Dominate Social Media

    Departure from Television Advertising

    Twitter Marketing

    Facebook and Internet Marketing

    Promotional Products

    Consistency and the Personal Touch through Digital Communications


    10 Most Outrageous Donald Trump Quotes

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