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Doctrine for the 2050 Global Education


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Doctrine for the 2050 Global Education
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  • Forventet levering 29-06-2018
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Develop learning towards the 2050 global education to achieve humans' well-being, especially, financial stability in the 21st century. People are getting gadget addiction now and educationist can use this addiction for education purposes; time is squeezing and running very fast, New Year starts and ends very quickly, same like this, days, weeks and months are passing in speed. Thinking about 2050, people will not have much time to study big or long curriculums; even now students do not feel comfortable with longer learning in the 21st century. Learners need a competent, short and effective curriculum available on their gadgets too. For this purposes, the aim of this study is to develop learning towards 2050 education; and to start preparing minds in the 21st century to develop learning towards the 2050 education to achieve humans' well-being, especially, financial stability. We can create global peace, universal brotherhood, and world assembly for competent, comfortable and loving living on our planet by using my recommendations in this book. Initially this PhD thesis research was done only for Pakistani students but after the outcomes of the study including empirical and other research (s) about the UK and USA education, I felt that I should share this knowledge globally for every human being's well-being. I believe this proposed education can be very effective and useful globally. I am setting up a charity organisation to make it available online for the world; alternatively, local councils or the relevant authorities can print out learning material to teach their students. The philosophy in this can create global peace and universal brotherhood including a world assembly can be formed consisting one head of the state and persons who have done or doing great work or contributing for the wellbeing of the humanity, from each country. The curriculum theory in it is based on the Holly books' way of teaching to their followers; free to think and decide. And the curr

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