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Divine Dora


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Divine Dora
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  • Bog, paperback (kr. 109,95) (kr. 142,53)
    1. Beskrivelse

      Heaven just turned out to be worse than Hell

      After being killed, Dora Carridine was shipped off to Heaven. But she's not ready to give up her life just yet, especially not when it means spending eternity in angel boot camp.

      She does everything in her power to try to get home, but nothing works. Even if she manages to escape Camp Angel and survive the sadistic drill sergeant, she still doesn't know how to get her body back.

      Powerless and alone, she decides that there is only one thing she can do. Dora has to find God and hope he's not a sanctimonious dick.

      Divine Dora is the third novel in the paranormal comedy series The Demon Diaries.

      Over two million readers worldwide

      The Demon Diaries was the winner of the Most Read award on Wattpad in 2013.

      "Wildly, bizarrely, brain-punchingly inventive " - Derek Landy, Author of Skulduggery Pleasant.

      Interview with the Author

      Q - What kind of reader would like this book?

      A - I think this book will appeal to readers who are looking for laugh out loud comedy and madcap action in a supernatural world. The funny witch books in this series are fast-moving, romantic gothic mystery, which explore Heaven and Hell and everything in between. The Demon Diaries series comes with a kickass Gothic heroine, demons, werewolves, vampires, angels and even fairies and dragons in the mix. So if you love paranormal and humorous mysteries, then you'll probably like these books.

      Q - Have you been writing for a long time?

      A - Yes. I was first published in 1994, and since then I've written and published many books, including writing for Harlequin and winning the SYTYCW competition. It's been a fun journey so far. I've had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best writers in the world along the way, which has been amazing.

      Q - What's so special about The Demon Diaries?

      A - I think for me the special parts are the funny scenes. Is it bad that I laugh while I write these books? Because I do, all the time. But along with that, I love the wild adventures. I love that there are parody and satire moments that play with occult and urban myths in each story. I love the sorcery, spells and magic in the series. The fun witches romance and demon fantasy humour is a bright spark in a crazy dark world. It's just a wild adventure, and I think that's what I find special about the series.

      Thanks for reading

      About This Edition

      Language: British English Genre: Paranormal Comedy Series Rights: Claire Chilton More Books in This Paranormal Comedy Series

      A Hint of Magic Prequel Demonic Dora Book One Deceased Dora Book Two Divine Dora Book Three A Hint of Hell Origins Story

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      Bog, paperback

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      Bog, paperback
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