Distant Echoes


Distant Echoes
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KLAAS KALMA’s riveting crime novel Distant Echoes, sequel to the successful Creeping Shadows, will completely absorb you.

Jobe, a young Dutch man, finds himself all alone in the world and sleeping under a bridge in Melbourne. He doesn’t know that the bikie gang he has come in contact with is about to become part of an investigation into the disappearance of three local teenage girls. Peter, an Aboriginal milk bar owner and local champion-mentor of troubled teenagers, comes to Jobe’s rescue.

Senior Detective Mark Langley and his feisty offsider Senior Constable Rita Harlow believe they’re about to crack the case. Meanwhile, a missing girl’s family becomes increasingly desperate, leading to confrontations with the police. Langley’s marriage is in trouble and his career is on the line. To top it off he unexpectedly has to deal with a personal tragedy of the worst kind. Will he cope? Will Langley and Harlow solve the mystery in time to save Felicity, Nicki and Gina?

The suspense keeps building as KLAAS KALMA’s plot twists and turns in a thoroughly irresistible mix of mystery, melodrama, history, horror and love. 


About the Author:

While every author draws on life experiences to form a narrative, not every author has such a rich and at times dark background as Klaas Kalma.  Klaas is an artist, musician, writer, author, teacher and sport psychologist.

Originally from the Netherlands, Klaas arrived in Australia with his family on the good ship ‘Sibajak’ in 1953 at age 13.  He was immediately separated from his family and forced to work on a dairy farm 12 hours a day, seven days a week. He escaped from that life only to find himself homeless and destitute on the streets of Melbourne. Klaas quickly overcame those difficult circumstances and married - determined to succeed he caught up on his education with a diploma in sport psychology and a major in Psychology as a post grad at Melbourne university.

However, tragedy soon struck with his daughter dying from leukaemia at age 12.  His daughters mother also succumbing to cancer only a few years later. Klaas himself nearly died because of a car accident. He spent the best part of two years recovering in the burns unit of a leading Melbourne hospital.

In recent times he has also survived prostate cancer. Klaas based on his life and occupation as a psychotherapist / counsellor and sport psychologist has began writing his latest book 'YOUR LIFE - YOUR CHOICE' on wellbeing, dealing with life choices consequences and survival.

Adversity has always fuelled the authors creative spark and Klaas is determined to carry on with his three great loves that have always been art music and writing. Klaas lives with his wife Sue on the Mornington Peninsula where he has a studio for painting and writing.  He has previously published the acclaimed novel Creeping Shadows the sequel to 'Distant Echoes' He has also written articles on sport psychology for various media and appeared on World of Sport during his career. He was selected by Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare as the recipient of Top Sport Psychologist for 2015. Follow Klaas on social media.

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Distant Echoes


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