Dirty Little Secrets: Why buyers can't buy and sellers can't sell and what you can do about it


Dirty Little Secrets: Why buyers can't buy and sellers can't sell and what you can do about it
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What is stopping you from closing all of the sales you deserve to close? Hint: it's not you, not your solution, and not the buyer. It's the sales model itself. Now, in this revolutionary book written by the visionary and NYTimes Business Bestseller Selling with Integrity, go behind-the-scenes with the buyer and learn all of the details that go on off-line prior to a purchase. And learn the 12 'dirty little secrets' that are part of the sales model that actually prevents buyers from buying. Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can't buy and sellers can't sell and what to do about it breaks down the entire buying decision process, and offers a complete understanding of how buyers buy - the steps they go through, the systems issues they must manage internally, the types of decisions they must make. And learn how the sales model manages merely the last action that buyers take before they adopt a solution. Moving beyond her 7 other highly acclaimed books on her revolutionary Buying Facilitation® model, her new book goes to the heart of the buying decision, with great examples and a complex case study to teach the model. Selling with Integrity reviews: "Finally, a sales paradigm which supports our spiritual values and lays the foundation for the shifts occurring in business today.” Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager "Morgen's Buying Facilitation® is light years ahead of the rest of the field.” Philip Kotler, author of Marketing Management Dirty Little Secrets reviews: “Because of this book, we’ll never be able to go back to the old way of selling. It teaches us how buying decisions are made - missing from the industry until now. This book is too big to push under the rug: It’s crystal clear and easy to understand, and necessary for any serious sales professional.” Jeff Blackwell, Founder SalesPractice.com “This book is a dead-on analysis of how buying decisions get made.” Anne Miller, author Metaphorically Selling “Sharon Drew has turned traditional sales thinking upside down and has provided a tactical roadmap for sellers to help buyers get the internal buy-in necessary to buy.” Michael Norton, Founder CanDoGo.com “Dirty Little Secrets takes us inside our buyer's decision-making process where we discover factors they need to address prior to buying - most of them having nothing to do with our solution.” Jill Konrath, author Selling to Big Companies “Revealing the secret to how people really buy has been untouched... until now! Dirty Little Secrets delivers powerful insights and practical thinking that transform not only selling but all forms of decision making.” Lee J. Colan, author Sticking to It “Having pioneered the new sales paradigm more than two decades ago, Sharon Drew is back with a very human, accessible and powerful approach.” Britton Manasco, Principal Manasco Marketing Partners “This is not a business-as-usual book, but a dramatic change in how we sell. Someday Buying Facilitation® will be a natural part of our sales process.” Reg Nordman, Managing Partner Rocket Builders “Dirty Little Secrets is a must read for all senior executives: Morgen explains why sales fails and provides deep insight into how customers decide.” Mark Dallmeir, CEO The ROBB Group Holdings “Sharon Drew’s Buying Facilitation® model is the only approach that manages the off-line decision making. We’ve used her process for 10 years and our revenues have grown consistently. Dirty Little Secrets should be on the desk of every CEO and sales professional.” Jack Hubbard, CEO St. Meyer & Hubbard. “Social entrepreneurs and progressives get uncomfortable about sales techniques and wary of ‘manipulating’ people. Dirty Little Secrets teaches how to serve customers with no persuasion or manipulation - how to do good, make money and keep integrity intact.” Gil Friend, CEO Natural Logic

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