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Bog, hardback Diophantine Analysis af Jorn Steuding

Diophantine Analysis (Trends in Mathematics)

- Course Notes from a Summer School, 2017

(Bog, hardback)

3 black & white illustrations, 31 colour illustrations, biography

3 black & white illustrations, 31 colour illustrations, biography


1st ed. 2017
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3 black & white illustrations, 31 colour illustrations, biography
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This collection of course notes from a number theory summer school focus on aspects of Diophantine Analysis, addressed to Master and doctoral students as well as everyone who wants to learn the subject. The topics range from Baker's method of bounding linear forms in logarithms (authored by Sanda Bujacic and Alan Filipin), metric diophantine approximation discussing in particular the yet unsolved Littlewood conjecture (by Simon Kristensen), Minkowski's geometry of numbers and modern variations by Bombieri and Schmidt (Tapani Matala-aho), and a historical account of related number theory(ists) at the turn of the 19th Century (Nicola M.R. Oswald). Each of these notes serves as an essentially self-contained introduction to the topic. The reader gets a thorough impression of Diophantine Analysis by its central results, relevant applications and open problems. The notes are complemented with many references and an extensive register which makes it easy to navigate through the book.

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