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Digital Database of Homoepathic Information Resources in India


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Digital Database of Homoepathic Information Resources in India
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The outcome of large number of research projects executed in the past with substantial resources and other information are published in a variety of formats. These have been scarcely put to use for the benefit of the community and Homoeopathic fraternity at large. The voluminous literature coming out is scattered and isolated, and is not easily available. Even the homoeopathic researchers do not have access to them. This is largely due to lack of communication and networking amongst various homoeopathic organizations. In today's scenario whereby all forms of information resources are rapidly shifting from analog to digital mode, it is essential that the information be collected and digitized in a standard format for easy access in order to enable the library and information centers for Homoeopathy to serve the varying needs of their users. By applying the information technology in the field of homoeopathic information, the storage, access and retrieval through digital environment will become faster and cheaper. Keeping this in mind the researcher has made an attempt to plan and propose a digital database of homoeopathic resources. No such study has been conducted in India so far.

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